Every person in our team comes from various training processes and professional developments. The reason why we have found ourselves to develop a way together is because we share similar values and manners of practicing advocacy. We feel united in the job for a common project.

We are implied with the client. We do not want to be aseptic experts with legal necessities, we want to be part of your structure, share your situation and look for the most adequate solution. All this made us creative people we like challenges. They almost always exist different ways which may require more time or study but with total confidence, step up the response.

We are positive because we understand that looking through client’s interests combining certain values and attitudes improves the final result. We are committed people, we believe in justice and in the importance of advocacy to live in a better world and society. We are global, we feel part of a world with no barriers where problems and solutions are global.

Alfonso Chen Wenjun

China Desk

Gloria de Juan

Labour Area

Silvia Nova