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Who is Theresa May? It is a British policy, leader of the Conservative Party and Unionist and prime minister of the United Kingdom. Following the resignation of Cameron as Prime Minister after the results of the referendum on EU membership, May announced her candidacy to succeed him and, after Andrea Leadsom’s resignation from her candidacy […]

The consequences of Brexit continue to occur in the United Kingdom. The decision to leave the European Union brought with it a sea of doubts for many of its citizens and with the passage of time, some of its worst omens begin to be fulfilled. The last, the rise in prices. And, as reported by […]

With the intention of strengthening its currency and also aiming to gain credibility with major international investors, China intends to open its capital markets abroad. Therefore, the Chinese government is implementing in recent days measures such as the Shenzhen Connect, which connects the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with Hong Kong with the intention that the latter’s […]