As reported by the media Mar España, director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), the first draft of the draft law amending the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) is expected to see The light next March of 2017.

And, in order to allow Parliament to approve the amendment of the law in May 2018, the task of preparing the draft that adapts the LOPD to the new European data protection regulation is undoubtedly one of the priorities of the Agency Spanish Data Protection at present.

The words of its director in the celebration of the IX Privacy Forum of the Data Privacy Institute made it possible to glimpse, as he said that he is working “actively” in the public law section of the General Commission of Codification of the Ministry of Justice for this.

Regarding the contents of this draft, Mar España acknowledged that the friendly criterion in the implementation of the regulation should be given priority, trying to promote the friendly resolution of conflicts through extrajudicial and extra-administrative mechanisms.

Despite this, it should be remembered that, once the body has been drafted, the Government will have to put it into circulation through the General Commission of Secretaries of State and Undersecretaries.

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