Who is Theresa May?

It is a British policy, leader of the Conservative Party and Unionist and prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Following the resignation of Cameron as Prime Minister after the results of the referendum on EU membership, May announced her candidacy to succeed him and, after Andrea Leadsom’s resignation from her candidacy as a conservative leader, remained the only candidate. Thus, on July 11, 2016 was named leader of the Conservative Party and two days later assumed the position of prime minister thus becoming the second woman to hold the position of British Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher.

What does Theresa May want?

Britain’s prime minister is ready for the United Kingdom to regain its dominant position on the old continent by placing its country as one of the most important centers of international trade despite its departure from the EU.

How does Theresa May want to achieve her goal?

Mostly on the basis of trade agreements since the Brexit seems that could be putting at risk the stability of the British economy and companies.

What is May’s program?

– Negotiate a trade agreement with the EU during the two-year period the United Kingdom will leave the Union. In this way, it tries to prevent that the economy of United Kingdom collapses if a commercial pact is not concluded in time.

– Negotiate a trade agreement with the United States and its new president Donald Trump. The new US president seems willing to sign the agreement with the United Kingdom but as professionals anticipate in the matter everything seems that this will benefit the United States more than the British.

– Negotiate your membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Its conditions are those of each EU country but an unfamiliar front is now open since there is no guarantee that the commercial benefits will continue to be applied.

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