You are a lawyer? Are you studying law? Are you passionate about cinema? Today, Cortizo Abogados brings you a list of movies that every lover of this craft should see to feel the passion of this precious profession.

In the name of the father (1993)
Belfast, 70. Gerry (Day-Lewis) is a thug who does nothing to the chagrin of his father Giuseppe (Postlethwaite), a quiet and educated man. When Gerry confronts the IRA, his father sends him to England. Once there, by whims of chance, he is accused of participating in a terrorist attack and sentenced to life imprisonment with “the four of Guildford.” His father is also arrested and imprisoned. In prison Gerry discovers that the apparent fragility of his father actually hides a great inner strength. With the help of a lawyer given to the cause (Thompson), Gerry intends to prove his innocence, cleanse the name of his father and make public the truth about one of the most regrettable legal errors in recent history in Ireland.

Erin Brockovich (2000)
Erin Brockovich is a single mother who gets a job in a small law firm. His unconventional personality will make his beginnings not very encouraging, but everything will change when he decides to investigate the strange case of clients suffering from a suspected disease.

Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)
In 1948, three years after the end of World War II (1939-1945), four judges, accomplices of the Nazi policy of sterilization and ethnic cleansing, are to be tried in Nuremberg. About Dan Haywood (Spencer Tracy), a retired US judge, has the important responsibility of presiding over this trial against Nazi war crimes.

The firm (1993)
Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise), a bright young lawyer fresh from Harvard faculty, is seduced by the promises and gifts of a prestigious Memphis law firm. However, very soon you will have reasons to start suspecting that something strange is happening in the powerful company.

Presumed Innocent (1990) 
A prestigious attorney (Harrison Ford) from the district attorney’s office is charged with the rape and death of a colleague (Greta Scacchi) with whom he held a torrid extramarital affair. Although he pleads not guilty, it appears that all evidence is evidence of his guilt

The Verdict (1982)
On the way home Luc and his wife witness an attempted robbery. Luc intervenes and the thief leaves him unconscious. Three weeks later, he wakes up and receives the tragic news of his wife’s death during the incident. Luc manages to identify the culprit, who due to a procedural error is released. From that moment his only obsession will be revenge.

The Devil’s Advocate (1997) 
Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) is a young, brilliant lawyer who has never lost a case. He lives in Florida and seems happy with his wife Mary Ann (Charlize Theron). One day, he is visited by a New York lawyer who represents a powerful law firm that intends to hire him. At the head of the prestigious company is John Milton (Al Pacino), a worldly man, bright and charismatic, hosting very dark plans with respect to Lomax.

A Few Good Men (1992)
Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee is a young and promising Navy lawyer who has an excellent reputation. His superiors entrust him with the defense of two Marines accused of murder. At first glance, the case does not seem complicated. But when you have to deal with Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, Commander-in-Chief of the Guantanamo base, new clues will come to light that will make the case take on unsuspected dimensions.

Philadelphia (1993)
Andrew Beckett, a young and promising Philadelphia lawyer, is fired from the prestigious law firm where he works when his bosses learn he has contracted AIDS. He then decides to sue the company for unfair dismissal, but initially no lawyer agrees to defend his case.

12 Angry Men (1957)
The twelve members of a jury must judge a teenager accused of having killed his father. All but one are convinced of the guilt of the accused. The one who dissents tries with his reasoning to introduce into the debate a reasonable doubt that causes his colleagues to reconsider so that they change the meaning of their vote.

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
Adaptation of the homonymous novel of Harper Lee. Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) is a lawyer who defends a black man accused of raping a white woman in the Southern Great Depression. Although the man’s innocence is evident, the jury’s verdict is so predictable that no lawyer would accept the case, except Atticus Finch, the city’s most respected citizen. His compassionate and brave defense of an innocent man makes him enmity, but he grants the respect and admiration of his two children, motherless.

Primal Fear (Primal Fear, 1996)
Edward Norton makes his shudder in this entertaining legal intrigue that tells the story of a famous lawyer who risked his prestige in defending a young altar boy accused of brutally murdering an archbishop. An incredibly effective but also effective script, a Richard Gere who at least prints his star status, the gorgeous Laura Linney and the pleasure of contemplating the aforementioned Norton (more specifically, of contemplating Roy) do the rest. I suspect that, from a psychiatric and legal point of view, the film has more loopholes than Aaron’s little angel, but as a commercial film is highly recommended.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)
Mickey Haller (McConaughey), a clever Los Angeles lawyer, has specialized in defending petty criminals from the slums. When presented with the opportunity to defend young Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), a wealthy Beverly Hills heir accused of attempted murder of a prostitute, his career is overturned, as this means earning a much higher income than usual . However, although the case is apparently simple, everything is becoming more complicated as the investigation progresses …

Fracture (2007)
Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) is a young and ambitious prosecutor whose career is starting to take off. On the other hand, Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) is a middle-aged engineer who has just shot his wife (Embeth Davidtz) in cold blood. Fate will face them in the subsequent trial. Crawford turns out to be an individual as complex and unpredictable as the crime he has committed, so that Willy’s accusations begin to crumble at the same time as his professional future.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Accused of murdering his wife, Andrew Dufresne (Tim Robbins), after being sentenced to life in prison, he is sent to Shawshank Prison. Over the years he will earn the trust of the center’s director and the respect of his fellow prisoners, especially Red (Morgan Freeman), the boss of the bribe mafia.

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