The consequences of Brexit continue to occur in the United Kingdom. The decision to leave the European Union brought with it a sea of doubts for many of its citizens and with the passage of time, some of its worst omens begin to be fulfilled.

The last, the rise in prices. And, as reported by the National Statistics Office (ONS), inflation in the United Kingdom stood at 1.2% in November, producing the highest rate since October 2014.

The figure, which continues with a bullish trend, is beginning to cause serious concern to some of the country’s citizens, since the index registered a rise to those recorded in previous months when it remained at 0.3%, as occurred in the months of January , February, April and May, or 0.5% in March and June.

Analysts consider that the fact that the price measure of a set of products has tripled is mainly due to the increase in the prices of clothing and fuel mainly. However, as reported in a statement by the ONS, the falls recorded in air and sea transport rates as well as the increase in the cost of the group several goods and services for leisure and culture also influenced.

“The softer trajectory of the pound sterling in November has softened the inflationary pressure on commodity import businesses, but consumer prices continued the bullish trend, mainly due to the increase in the cost of clothing and fuel,” he acknowledged The head of ONS inflation data, Mike Prestwood.

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