The European Union and the United States have reached an important agreement on data protection that will serve to ensure the protection of the same between the entities of the old continent and the United States.

In this way, the protection of the data that the police authorities and judicial bodies of the United States and the European Union will protect will be protected by a new text that deals with protecting mainly questions related to personal data such as Names, addresses or criminal records.

The agreement comes with the intention of preventing and detecting criminal offenses on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as well as being able to fight and deal with terrorism.

“Finally, there will be high binding standards and guaranteed rights for citizens on both sides of the Atlantic in the exchange of data between police forces and other competent authorities,” said Jan Philipp Albrecht, responsible for the parliamentary processing of the text in the European Parliament .

However, as explained by the German, this agreement is not a “legal basis for the transfer of data” since it reiterated “is the protection of data that are already legally exchanged.”

What rights does the text guarantee for citizens of the EU and the United States?

– Be informed in case of failure to protect the data.

– Correct the incorrect information.

– Go to court.

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