After announcing the intentions of the new president of the United States to withdraw his country from the Trans-Pacific Economic Cooperation Agreement (TPP), many speculations have begun to take place in some of the countries that are part of this treaty.

It should be recalled that the Treaty, signed on 4 February 2016 in New Zealand, is a free trade agreement between several countries in the Pacific Rim which addresses issues of public policy, such as reductions in trade barriers, The possibility of establishing a common intellectual property framework, the strengthening of labor law standards and environmental law, among others.

Many voices have come to the scene to warn that without the United States this treaty will lose weight but neither have they missed those who have not hesitated to announce that the agreement will continue on its way despite the American country leaving the Treaty have not been lacking.

However, Donald Trump’s remarks about the measures he intends to take when it is next January proclaimed the country’s new president also seem to have served other countries to call for passage with a new alternative trade treaty.

And its main driver is China. The Asian country could see how Trump’s decision could pave the way for a long time. And this is none other than the implementation of a treaty that does not exclude the Asian giant, as did the TPP, and that allows tariff reductions rather than open economies and set labor standards and environmental.

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