Law 39/2015 of 1 October on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations and Law 40/2015 of 1 October on the legal regime of the public sector have recently entered into force to encourage the digitization of Public Administrations of our country.

And the relationship with the electronic media (ad extra) and the relationship with the other Administrations and institutions of the State, (ad intra) are the best indicative of the reform that the big data has brought to our society in recent years .
In fact, as analyzed by a study by the technology consultancy Capgemini, IDC (International Data Corporation) and the business school Politecnico di Milano, the way of organizing documents and the relationship of citizens with Administrations continues to improve To the European average.

The Commission for the Reform of Public Administrations (CORA) already acknowledged in its report in June 2013 the need to promote these measures simultaneously under the “conviction that a competitive economy requires public administrations Efficient, transparent and agile “.

For this reason, these new measures for electronic administration have come into force with the intention of improving the agility of administrative procedures and with the aim of reducing processing times.

In the report prepared by the consultancy under the name 13th Benchmark Measurement of European Government Services, it has been analyzed to what extent European governments are taking advantage of the online environment to serve their citizens and companies. Among its conclusions, the progress made in Europe is noteworthy, as the digitization indicators of administrations have grown by 8%, reaching an average of 61% on the old continent. In addition, the digitization of Spain is above the European average, with 68% occupy the fifteenth place in the 33 countries analyzed.

However, although the standard has recently come into force, provisions such as electronic registration of powers of attorney, electronic registration, registration of authorized public employees, electronic general access point of the Administration and electronic single file, Will produce effects two years after the entry into force of the law.

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